A French waste management & energy leader experience new ways of working

We facilitated a week-long learning expedition in Berlin to meet with German startups, accelerators and tech companies, leaders in digital transformation in different sectors, as well as a day-long workshop to create an action plan for the company.

The main objective was to develop a better understanding of the potential of the digital to transform their industry.

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A leading cloud services company turns high-level prospects into clients faster

We facilitated, for a leading cloud services company and its prospects, learning expeditions in Europe to expose them to cutting-edge companies and inspire them with the latest digital innovations in their sector.

The main objective was to support their sales team in turning high opportunity prospects into clients faster.

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A French e-commerce B2B leader commits its team in CSR process

We facilitated a week-long learning expedition for the executive committee in Amsterdam to meet with Dutch startups and social enterprises leading the way in different aspects of sustainability, climate change, circular economy, people development, and people inclusion.

The main objective was to improve the company’s CSR policy by engaging its team in the process.

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A French mutual insurance leader leverages emerging technologies to go digital

We facilitated for a french mutual insurance leader a week-long learning expedition to Shenzhen, Shanghai and Singapore, to help them gain deep insights on the main trends of insurance in China and how locals consume insurance.

The main objective was to leverage emerging technologies to go digital without compromising the customer experience. 

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An insurance leader leverages new and emerging technologies to address new business challenges

We set up for the the APAC team of an international insurance leader a learning expedition to Shanghai, to help them deepen their understanding of one of their emerging consumers.

The main objective was to leverage from new and emerging technologies in order to to roll out future digital transformation initiatives.

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A Russian bank improves its business model after experiencing Singapore's innovative ecosystem for finance

We designed for the C-level and board members of a Russian state-owned bank a learning expedition to Singapore, to help them develop key insights on successful business models in the financial services industry

The main objective was to accelerate the digital transformation in different units of their bank.

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A Singaporean leading bank dives into Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

We organized  for our client a 2.5 day learning expedition to Shenzhen, China’s Silicon Valley, to understand how to use data to engage customers even further and to launch new products and services.

The main objective was to gain exposure to the latest trends of how tech giants and startups are leveraging Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to drive innovation and business impact.

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A MNC retailer explores Vivatech to meet the leaders of the food transition

We helped the team of a MNC retailer to select and organize visits of 4 startups booths and one large group exhibiting at the Vivatech show.

The main objectives were to onboard and commit the executives to the company’s new visions.

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A bank and its automotive clients explore the future of mobility at the Auto Show in Shanghai

We helped a banking company organize a learning expedition for their sales teams and their automotive partners at the Auto Show 2019 in Shanghai, one of the world’s largest automobile exhibitions.

The learning expedition has helped them to understand the innovation trends in the car industry and deepen relationships with their automotive clients from France and Italy.

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A French car manufacturer explores new mobility and connectivity services

We co-designed a learning expedition during 1 week in Shenzhen for a french car manufacturer.

The main objectives were to learn about the latest innovations and trends about new mobilities and connectivity services, in the Chinese ecosystem and connect with major Chinese economic actor

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A French retailer explores new retail to get inspired and to solve a particular challenge

We co-designed a learning expedition during 5 days in Singapore and Shanghai for a dozen founders of retail startups.

The main objectives were to develop a better under understanding of Asia as their next potential market of growth, get inspired by best practices in retail and solve a particular challenge on how to leverage data to accelerate the company’s transformation.

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A life insurance company explores the Fintech and Insurtech scene in Singapore

We organized a 4 days Learning Expedition in Singapore for the Transformation and Strategy department of a major life insurance company in France.

The main objectives were to onboard the whole company in the effort of transformation, to enrich the strategic vision and innovation roadmap, to discover new business model opportunities, and smart  solutions to improve its operational efficiency and customer experience.

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A French MNC in the Energy sector explores Singapore smart city and its innovation ecosystem

We organized a 4 days Learning Expedition for the Executive Comity of a French MNC in the energy sector, in Singapore. The main objective was to present an overview of the innovation ecosystem of Singapore, and especially the measures implemented by the city-state in order to become a Smart Nation.

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A chemical company explores Big Data and the innovation ecosystem of Singapore

We brought the IT and Web Applications team of one of our client for a half day Digital Awareness Learning Expedition in October in Singapore.

As digital transformation impacts all industries, our client, a leader in chemicals, wanted to bond its IT and Web Applications team, showing them successful B2B companies in the industrial space who achieved their digital transformation.

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Clients in hospitality, healthcare and banking explore the capital of IoT in Shenzhen

One week of work in Shenzhen is equal to one month at the Silicon Valley”.  The rapidity of prototyping and manufacturing is the main strength of the Chinese metropolis according to all the startups, incubators and companies we met during an open learning expedition in what is considered as the hardware capital of the world.

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A French FMCG explores how innovative companies engage their teams towards change and drive performance

A fundamental pillar of transformation in a company – and probably the hardest one – is to change the mindset of leaders and employees. Through this, we can make the entire organization recognize the need, and engage them towards change.

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