Where to go?

Where to go?

We organize Learning Expeditions all over Africa. Silicon Valley no longer has the monopoly on tech innovation.
Innovation is everywhere.
Africa, in particular, offers a lot of growth opportunities.

Lagos (Nigeria)

#Startups #Growth #Talent #Fintech

• A huge growth market
• An established ecosystem for innovation
• The rise of fintech startups

Nairobi (Kenya)

#SiliconSavannah #TechStartup #EnergyInnovator

• A leading tech startup nation
• An energy innovator in Africa

Cape Town (South Africa)

#TechHub #Education #Blockchain #CryptoCurrency

• The Silicon Cape
• Developing the access to education
• Leading the rise of blockchain and cryptocurrency

Cairo (Egypt)

#Innovation #Ecommerce #Opportunity #Recovering Economy

• The third largest tech hub in Africa
• A recovering economy
• A potential e-commerce market

Francophone Africa

#GrowthMarkets #Ecosystem #Urbanization

• Understand new behaviours in your next growth markets
• Côté d’Ivoire sees itself as the next startup nation
• Senegal is transforming fast

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