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We are organising a learning expedition in Moscow in October 2020 to help your company accelerate its digital transformation by exploring Moscow’s latest tech trends, emerging markets, new business models and breakthrough technologies.

Join us in an immersive and intensive 3-days learning trip in Moscow in order to take part in the annual international forum that focuses on new technologies and innovations!


You want to:

-Join the Open Innovations Forum 2020the annual international forum that focuses on new technologies and innovations, in 2 full days of guided and personalized tour.

-Get inspired by the most innovative companies and startups in the field of habitat, art, education, healthcare, cybersecurity, AI, Smart Data, sustainability, Industry 4.0, IT and more

-Meet renowned speakers from successful businesses in the world as they will share their stories and insights on their markets and their prospects.

-Discover emerging solutions from different industries

-Expand your network, interact and learn with experts through 2-days on-site visits with us.

-Experience meetups, workshops, conferences, incubators, and more in outstanding venues all around Moscow.

Why Moscow?

Open Innovations Forum 2020, a key international platform

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The annual Open Innovations Forum is held in the Skolkovo Innovation Center since 2012 and is a unique international platform bringing together companies, startups, tech entrepreneurs, scientists, leading experts, students, government officials and corporations from different countries.

It is the largest event in Russia to show the main trends and key Russian achievements in the innovative fields of economy. The Forum’s main goal is to develop new technologies, promote global tech brands and create new tools for international cooperation in innovation.

What you can expect from the Open Innovations Forum : conferences, educational events, seminars and masterclasses, innovative shows, business meetings and an exhibition area which presents new formats of technology achievements demonstration and more.

Skolkovo Technopark, the Russian “Silicon Valley”

#Skolkovo #Technopark #SiliconValley #Innovation

Built in the village of Skolkovo, a few miles west of Moscow, the Russian “Silicon Valley” is the largest technopark in Europe (almost 100,000 m²) and a marvel of engineering.

The Technopark is a research and innovation center in five priority areas for Russia: energy, information technology, telecommunications, biomedicine and nuclear technology. The facility provides its startups with offices and laboratories, R&D infrastructure, acceleration, mentoring programs and so on.

The Park also hosts pitch sessions from leading experts, scientists and business leaders. Skolkovo is a unique platform of unexpected ideas and innovative solutions with more than 80,000 innovators and more than 1,000 startups.

Agency Of Innovations & Smart City Lab to make Moscow a smart city

#Moscow #Innovation #Lab #Smartcity

Created by the city of Moscow, the Innovation Agency aims to support innovative companies, boost public-private projects and promote entrepreneurship in the Russian capital.

The Smart City Lab is an organization that oversees major technology projects in Moscow. The Lab is in charge of  the technological collaboration between the city administrations and companies.

Smart City Lab works with startups to test and use the best practices and technologies in the city’s public facilities to help Moscow becoming even smarter and more sustainable.

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