Month: 11 July 2018

3 Challenges Limiting Learning In the New Workplace And How Some Companies Are Overcoming Them

Businesses are facing new challenges. They have to deal with new technologies such as blockchain or artificial intelligence, navigate competitive environments led by new powerful players such as Google or Amazon and thousand of startups trying to disrupt them.  These new challenges have created new headaches for companies as they struggle with upskilling employees in order to help them adapt to the transforming environment. Talent development professionals thus have a valuable opportunity to play an instrumental role in helping organisations adapt to disruption. Through the creation of learning opportunities for employee growth and achievement, talent development professionals become enablers in helping their organisations to create lasting change. Anticipating the new knowledge needed, engaging leaders in the learning process and developing a learning culture at scale within the organization are some of the main challenges that our clients, Fortune 500 companies in various industries, are facing today. This article provides examples of what we has worked for our clients as well as for other companies to overcome them.   Anticipating The Required Knowledge The results of a recent study from LinkedIn highlights the gap between the focus of talent developers on training for today’s skills demands whilst executives emphasise on tomorrow’s […]

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