Month: 21 May 2020


Singapore is one of the most innovative cities in the world. As elsewhere, retailers had to take measures and initiate an accelerated digital transformation to maintain their activity during the various phases of social distancing and confinement imposed by the government. This transition was made using technology, strongly encouraged by the government. The city of Singapore, which had resisted full containment until early April, was finally forced to put in place progressive restrictions to protect its citizens from covid-19. Non-essential businesses had to close their doors and begin their digital transition to compensate for their drop in income. With government support, many retailers have had to accelerate the development of their own delivery platforms and services. The crisis has highlighted the importance of a direct sales strategy, faced with the increase in commissions taken by delivery platforms, and of an adapted communication strategy. The use of social networks and the rise of the Chinese trend of live-streaming have even allowed seniors and traditional markets for fresh products to continue to buy and sell during confinement. Through the following webinar, a quick overview of initiatives, starting with Facebook To download the webinar presentation, click here. Sell ​​by video on Facebook The crisis has accelerated a trend that […]

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