Month: 8 July 2019

Press Review Asia : Digital Transformation and Mobile Payment

This week's topics to look at for your next learning expedition: Digital Transformation and Mobile Payment Our press selection of everything business related happening around the world, for you to get inspired on where to go on your next learning expedition. We organise innovation learning expeditions to empower executives. Contact us to organize your learning expedition to get insights on the subjects that matter the most to your company. The state of digital transformation in China versus the rest of the world #China #DigitalTransformation • Companies in China are taking a more offensive role, using digital transformation as a way to differentiate, drive revenue, enhance customer experiences and acquire new customers. • Digital transformation helps identify growth opportunities (62% in China versus 48% in rest of the word) • 42% of the steering committees for digital transformation in Chinese companies are led directly by the CEO. Compared to 29% in other countries. • 74% of the Chinese companies interviewed are in the process of (28%) or have completed (46%) mapping out the customer journey compared to 32 and 27% in the rest of the world. • Chinese companies are investing less on employee engagement in comparison, 8% (China) vs. 29% (rest [...]

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