Day: 14 April 2021

A chemical company explores Big Data and the innovation ecosystem of Singapore

  We brought the IT and Web Applications team of one of our client for a half day Digital Awareness Learning Expedition in October in Singapore. As digital transformation impacts all industries, our client, a leader in chemicals, wanted to bond its IT and Web Applications team, showing them successful B2B companies in the industrial space who achieved their digital transformation. The objective of the tour was to understand how technologies (Big Data, 3D Printing, AI…) are transforming industries, to get inspired by the dynamism of the startup ecosystem in Singapore and to bond a team spread across APAC. “It was an inspiring journey. The tour refreshed my thinking and helped peel away the accumulated daily ‘crust’ that can sometimes suffocate dreams and big ideas,” said one of the participants.

A French FMCG explores how innovative companies engage their teams towards change and drive performance

A fundamental pillar of transformation in a company – and probably the hardest one – is to change the mindset of leaders and employees. Through this, we can make the entire organization recognize the need, and engage them towards change. But what ways can a company drive engagement towards change? How do digital pioneers, from technology giants to startups, up to legacy companies undergo their digital transformation, manage their talents and drive employee engagement to increase ownership? That was the challenge of one of our clients. We’ve interviewed and organized visits of a selection of inspiring companies, from digital pioneers to technology giants and accelerators. These agents of change shared which methodologies they use to keep their teams engaged during a Learning Expedition we organized on that topic in July 2016 for 60 employees of our client. The visits were followed by a debriefing workshop to bring a constructive discussion in the company. During this learning expedition, participants learnt from the experience of a dozen of innovative companies about the leader’s crucial role in developing company culture, mission and vision, the importance of recruiting like-minded people and communicating transparently about performance, how to create an environment of trust and openness, how to […]

A life insurance company explores the Fintech and Insurtech scene in Singapore

Challenges The Transformation and Strategy department of a major life insurance company needed to : – onboard the whole company in the effort of transformation, – enrich the strategic vision and innovation roadmap, – discover new business model opportunities. – discover solutions to improve its operational efficiency and customer experience, Methodology To answer these challenges, we co-designed with their team a learning expedition during 4 days in Singapore in March 2018, for 12 leaders in the company, including 4 members of the Executive Committee. We met 20 startups in Fintech / Insurtech, had 5 sharing sessions with the innovation labs of other banks or insurance players, and visited 4 accelerators.  We also facilitated debriefing sessions every day and a 2 hours workshop on the last day. Outcomes – 42 ideas generated/person (502 ideas in total) during 4 debriefings and 1 ideation workshop on topics such as culture, methodologies, operational efficiency and customer experience – Partnerships engaged at highest level with key startups in SG. – Awareness on critical digital capability (UX, use of data, AI, blockchain…) and new ways of working (lean, POC…) – Presentation of key learnings and actions to the Executive Committee to get their support.    

Clients in hospitality, healthcare and banking explore the capital of IoT in Shenzhen

“One week of work in Shenzhen is equal to one month at the Silicon Valley”.  The rapidity of prototyping and manufacturing is the main strength of the Chinese metropolis according to all the startups, incubators and companies we met during an open learning expedition in what is considered as the hardware capital of the world. We organised this learning expedition in November 2015 to expose our participants, a semi-dozen of innovation and IT directors from large French groups, to the innovation ecosystem of a city which is already compared to the Silicon Valley, at least for electronics. “Shenzhen, it’s like the Mecca for us. We are at 30 minutes from the factories” explained Emmanuel Peype, Marketing director of the fast growing smartphone startup OnePlus, which has its headquarter and factories in Shenzhen. What was a fishing village 30 years ago has transformed into the world main factory and is now considered as the “heart of innovation” as said Elise Then, CEO Asia of the French drones manufacturer Parrot, which has its production center in Shenzhen. “Here we can go easily from the concept to reality and launch our product on the market at the right time” she adds. Among the most important […]

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